it takes a village

What is this Blog?
This blog is dedicated to inspiring others to reach out and go after what they want with full voracity. By dedicating 365 days to art in all facets relating to Fantasy and Concept art, I hope to demonstrate that anyone who wants to create art is able to do so if they simply give themselves a chance. I personally struggle with feelings of inadequacy as an artist and tend to compare myself to other great artists way too often, thus leaving me in a state of depression, and ultimately not picking up a pencil to solve the problem.

Who is this blog for?
This blog is for any artist or aspiring artist that sees themselves wanting to do better and struggling against their own doubt. It’s for Artists, Designers, Concept Artists and Painters who have great ideas or tutorials to share so that anyone visiting this site can improve their skills. It’s for the people who sit on the sidelines and oogle other’s art wishing that they could create art like that and need a nudge to go and pick up their pencils.

Where should I start with your blog?
If you want to start where I started, check out this post:

This is a great exercise to get yourself moving and allow your brain to create:

30 Day Benchmark Post:

A little bit about me:
I am an award winning designer and illustrator, this blog is to chronicle my continued growth as a Fantasy and Concept Artist. While I am most known for my design work and illustrations on Bicycle playing cards, I’ve always wanted to create art for video games, Magic the Gathering, and similar style card games. Personally I don’t feel that I have the chops in my current state, but this blog is part of the way I’m proving myself wrong. I’m also extremely bless to say that I am being mentored by Ed Beard Jr., Larry Elmore, and a host of other professional artists in the Fantasy Art industry.

General / Random Facts About Me: 

  • Married
  • 2 Dogs 1 Cat
  • I’m a cat person
  • Degree in Media Arts and Animation
  • Magician
  • Playing Card Aficionado
  • Teacher Mentality
  • I am both an apprentice and a mentor
  • Bowling average of 210
  • Lover not a Fighter
  • Gaming nerd (board games, video games, made-up games)
  • I’m a freak about words. I love big words, sexy words, as well as pseudo-made up fun words : http://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/sesquipedalian
  • I have a propensity toward verbosity
  • I will add more as this site grows
  • I like both coffee and tea but, I prefer tea
  • I collect Canadians

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