Drawing Challenge : Grillex, Warhammer Guy in a speedo, and Neil Patrick Harris Fighting a Dragon.

Graphite: Skrillex as Grillmaster

Graphite: Skrillex as Grillmaster

For the past few days, we’ve been getting more and more brave with our drawing sessions. We, being my wife, a student, and a few others that hangout with us while we draw and learn to be better artists. We’ve been assigning random concepts to each other and then allowing 15 minutes to gather reference, plan, and execute a drawing on the topic.

Grillex is: Skrillex as a Grill Master and was a really fun piece to work on. I used all that I’ve learned about gesture and a reference photo of Skrillex to compose the scene. All in all for a very fast concept and execution, I’m pretty proud of it. Although I did realize too late that the Hot Dogs, whose grill marks are actually derived from Skrillex’ logo, look humongous and thus people have said they resemble baguettes.

warhammer in speedo

Graphite: Warhammer guy in Speedo

This dude was pretty fun to work on because it was such a silly concept. The original challenge I was given was “Draw a Warhammer guy in a speedo by the pool.” I wen a bit further and drew the classic Sports Illustrated lady in the water pose with a Warhammer chap as our model. This piece took all of 15 minutes and was really fun and made me more confident because I drew it out thinking only in gesture and form and then using reference to actaully make the armor elements fit the pose.

NPH vs Durgon

Graphite: Neil Patrick Harris fighting a dragon.

Finally, It’s no secret that Neil Patrick Harris is one laid back, cool dude. So when I was issued the challenge of drawing NPH fighting a dragon, I said “Challenge Accepted” and instantly knew that this was simply the best way to demonstrate his suave and play-it-cool attitude. Using a photo of Neil sipping a margarita and some additional gesture imagination, I executed the above with nothing but giggles and joy. The dragon was thrown on in the last three minutes since I wanted NPH’s nonchalant attitude to be more readily conveyed.

Your Turn: What are some silly concept ideas you’ve drawn or would like to see drawn by me? Share your thoughts in the comments. 


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