Progress Update: November

long pose warrior

Last Page of sketchbook. 11 minute pose study.

While I haven’t really been active on this blog, it’s not to say I haven’t been active with art. I’ve been maintaining my figure, gesture, and general life drawing studies. I’ve also been studying line quality and developing my ability to thumbnail ideas instead of spending massive amounts of time on one image only to realize it wasn’t the best idea.

The last month has been crazy. I wrapped 3 professional projects that will be turned into products and I’ve completed a 100 page sketchbook that I started in mid- September.

Quick stats on my sketchbook:

Size: 11 x 14
Started: 9/13/2014
Finished: 11/5/2014
Total figures in sketchbook: 1580
Total time spent drawing figures only: 30.47 hours


2.5 Hour study after Andrea Uderzo

I hope to be posting things here more regularly now as I am venturing out from the comfort of gesture drawing and starting to create my own poses and character ideas.

Your Turn: What have you been up to? Any exciting news or projects you’ve worked on? Share in the comments! 


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