Well I failed. Sort of…


Level 2 Gesture Drawing Certificate

My goal was 365 consecutive days of art being dedicated to getting better as a Fantasy Artist. I was on a roll. Not only was I on a roll, but I lasted for 173 days. Including the 100 day anatomy challenge on conceptart.org and 2 levels of certificates of gesture drawing on quickposes.com and other private corporate projects, I definitely had a lot going for me.

I was kicking ASS! Man, I was pumped! I was creating art every day, I was inspiring others to make art every day, and I was advancing at a very noticeable pace. Then my mother took ill, she ended up in a Hospital and I dropped everything to go and be with her. I had my art supplies with me and I truly wanted to work on it while I was there, and actively sought opportunities, but it just wasn’t possible. Nine sleepless and highly emotional nights between the ICU and another ward sapped every ounce of energy and creativity I possibly had.

It was depressing and I’m depressed now because I got back from that trip ready to work, and eager to make art, but I just couldn’t. Between my level of exhaustion and the guilt that I felt for having let this goal slip, I just dropped everything and slept. I slept and slept and slept. Anyway, while this sounds dramatic and like it could be the end, but it’s not

I am planning on relaunching my 365 goal as of the first of August and intend to see it through. 

I might have failed my initial goal, but I succeeded at so many other things.


100 Day Anatomy Challenge Certificate


Level 1 Gesture Drawing Certificate

Your Turn: Have you ever worked so hard for something and were sure that you were going to make your goal only to come up short? Share your story in the comments. 

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