The Strong Silent Type.


Hey everyone, just wanted to drop a note. First, let me tell you I am on day 148 / 365 in a row of doing art. I stopped blogging everything, because it was all just gesture studies and a lot of people seemed to be getting bored with those. On top of that, the rest of everyday has been devoted to two corporate projects that require art, illustration, and design work, so my days are completely packed with art and art related study every single day. So that’s great news; the sad part is that I cannot share any of it because of NDA. Once the NDA is lifted and the projects go public, I intend to show some of the process pieces as well as the final products themselves.

I know there were some folks that were worried since I hadn’t blogged that perhaps I’d failed my 365 challenge to myself, but rest assured, I am definitely on track! 

Also, there are only 5 days left in the 100 day anatomy challenge I signed up for on and that is pretty friggin exciting to me to have gotten to this point. After I complete the challenge, my daily blog should be back up in full steam and you guys will be getting to see some new and exciting art from my crazy imagination and perhaps some of the projects I have (and will be) working on.

Your turn: No big philosophical art question or hypothetical art situation this time. Just want to hear back from you guys in the peanut gallery. Anything at all you’d like to share?

Art above is just a sampling of the many, many, figure and life drawings I’ve been doing lately. 😀


4 thoughts on “The Strong Silent Type.

  1. Your gesture drawings have had an amazing improvement over the last 91 (I think) days of your anatomy challenge. I’m very proud of your accomplishments and dedication to your art.

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