What Does the Fox Say?!


 Ink on Moleskine Sketchbook: Acryllic ink and pen nib

Spent half the day studying how to draw foxes for a commercial project I am working on. It was pretty fun since I never draw animals and through a series of form studies, I was able to draw the fox above. Below is a variant that I turned into my Facebook cover photo.


Also I’ve been drawing everyday as promised, but since most of it was anatomy studies and gesture drawings, I figured I’d hold off on posting until I had anything substantial to share. I also drew some gestures for today and in keeping with the challenge from myself and Cousin Keith, they are all female.




2 thoughts on “What Does the Fox Say?!

  1. That looks great. Only comment would be to extend the care you have for the line and value for the fox to the background. The rocks for example look a little plain. Great hashing though, I need that level of restraint.

  2. Thanks man! Yeah, I was trying to figure out whether or not to do the rocks, but since it was for a commercial project and only as a 1st draft, I thought I’d leave it basic. Whole thing only took an hour and I’ve never drawn a fox in my life! 😀

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