An Inspiring Opportunity

Delayed Posting From 4/20/14


Dylan’s Stick Figure Gestures with no previous art experience (Above, Below)


A young fellow by the name of Dylan has been messaging me a bit lately and asking all kinds of questions about where to start with art. Having no background in teaching the subject, I am relying on general experience and my own inexperience to lead him in the right direction. By focusing on some of the things that I know I missed, and working with him from basics he’s growing steadily and continuing to explore art on his own. Well, I started him off with line, specifically taking him back to my post about how I went through learning to draw a straight line. He worked through that a bit and started messaging me for other things to work on.

After a bit, he started shooting me pictures of cardboard boxes he’d been drawing in his off time, then he mentioned to me my post about where I’d learned to hold the pencil, this was very recent, so I sent him to that post and to Proko’s video about “How to Hold and Control Your Pencil”. So he keeps checking in periodically and today, Cousin Keith and I decided we’d have a little drawing session. I thought, “Perfect! We’ll invite Dylan and let him hang out and draw and ask questions.” Well, Dylan was all too excited and Keith and I were working on gestures, which he’d seen me work on before. So we figured we’d encourage him to learn a little about gesture, but suggested he stick with stick figures for the moment and just try to get the poses.

When asked what emotions he was feeling while trying to capture the poses he responded “Dude, I’m feeling pretty good about getting some of these poses.” I couldn’t be more happy, helping another young person find their way toward art and encouraging them to have fun whilst doing so.

Dylan, I know you’ll be reading this post. I’m really proud of you man, keep up the practice and keep exploring. I can’t wait to see what it yields for your future buddy.


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