Posturing Myself for Success


Notice a difference in my gesture poses from this post and the last post? Well, after I sat down and completed my commercial work for the day, I went back to my sketch journal and felt like I was regressing more than progressing with my gestures. So i went back to Proko’s channel on Youtube and watched the video about how he sharpens his pencil thinking I was missing something about how I was handling the pencil. Well at the end Proko talks about setting up your paper on a 45 degree angle and then sitting straight up and holding the pencil like a paintbrush and then begin to draw. I thought to myself, well, that’s not something I’ve been doing; I’ve been drawing hunched over my desk with the sketchbook flat and holding the pencil like a draftsman.

Your Turn: Do you find it easier to draw with your paper at a certain angle direction? What is your favorite way to hold your pencil for drawing?


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