Sanguine Art – Style Study (Raphael)


2 Hour Pencil Study: Sanguine & White (Conté á Paris), Strathmore Tan Toned Paper

I’ve really been dying to understand how Raphael and his contemporaries were able to achieve such amazing hatching techniques so I pulled up a few of his pieces and just sat and stared at them for what seemed like hours. His subtlety moves me in such a profound way. While I may not have captured it in my first attempt here, I am certain that with more practice I can get better results and will develop a really good habit for discerning value.

Your turn: Is there an artist’s style that you’re really amazed by that you just cant get out of your head? Have you done a study after them and if so, how has it affected your own art?

Today’s Warm-ups and Exercises:

  1. 25 mins of 2 minute gesture poses (
  2. 1.5 hour study – Raphael drawing technique
  3. 2 hour pencil study after style of Raphael

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