Sanguine Art – Sketches 2


 1 Hour Pencil Study: Sanguine & White (Conté á Paris), Strathmore Tan Toned Paper

I’m starting to gain confidence in my ability to render without using a blending tool but I’m not sure if I’m near the look that I’m going for. Also, I’m noticing that I’m using the white pencil a bit more judiciously and not coating thick areas with pure white. In artist material related news: I went back to Plaza Art and had intended to trade 2 of of Sanguine pencils for 2 of the Sepia pencils. Sadly, they did not have anymore so the guy that helped me out suggested the Venetian Red 6300 pencils from Derwent Drawing. It was a stupendously busy day but, my wife encouraged me to do my artwork for the day first before going out and that made for a relatively stress-free day since I didn’t feel the need to rush home and get my art done before going to our regularly scheduled gaming night.

Your turn: Do you feel rushed to complete your artwork? What do you do to alleviate stress on busy days? Share your answer in the comments section.


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