Sanguine Art – Sketches


1 Hour Pencil Study: Sanguine & White (Conté á Paris), Strathmore Tan Toned Paper

Got new Sanguine pencils today and decided it was time to try them out again. I meant to get Sepia toned pencils as well, and thought I had them in my hand but when I got home I realized that I’d had 4 of the Sanguine tone instead of 2 and 2. Oh well, looks like it’s back to the art store tomorrow. I picked up some skin toned Prismacolor markers and now that I have the cool grey set as well, I’ll be starting to mess around with those a bit more. I think for the moment however, I’ll keep the blog on the Sanguine style, unless there are any objections. I found tonight as I drew that I didn’t want to lay down a ton of value and just let the paper and the figures breath a bit more. It felt nice, and I felt like a craftsman instead of a kid at a crayon table in kindergarten.

Your turn: Are you comfortable leaving areas of your drawing blank and letting the paper act as it’s own tone or are you more like me and feel compelled to lay down value everywhere because it somehow seems more complete?


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