Slow Down There, Sparky!


I have a tendency to get going quickly when working on things sometimes to a fault. Today, I took sometime and went back and watched Proko’s videos on gesture drawing again for about the third time. The message I caught this time was: slow down and take things slowly. I noticed, that by slowing down and considering the pose for about 15 seconds of a 2 minute pose, I could lock the pose in memory and notice rhythms that I was otherwise missing. I moved the pencil more considerately and made significantly less marks than I had in gestures past. Now, armed with a new approach, I can’t wait to do more gestures!

Finally, I have recently picked up the Conté pencils Proko recommends, so I spent a bit of time getting those sharpened the correct way. I found that by following his advice on  sharpening the pencils with a blade and then smoothing out the tip of the lead, I could really get some good lines that varied in thickness and and I wasn’t holding the pencil in a standard handwriting style either. It made the whole day of drawing enjoyable and even relaxing. 





Your Turn: Have you ever been so stuck on a way of doing something and then gone and learned a new way to approach doing the same thing? What were the results and were you compelled to stick with the change? Share your answers in the comments. 


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