Subtle is not my Specialty (Yet)


Graphite (HB) Over Prismacolor Cool Grey 10%

I’ve often been told one of the issues I have when drawing human figures is that I over shade or line the wrong areas. I found today that I could use a 10% Cool Grey Prismacolor marker to sketch out a piece and then do line work over top of it. Not sure why I like it but it definitely felt comfortable and it provides a subtle hint of shading but lets the linework stand out a bit. The weird cartoon rooster with the mohawk was just something that popped in my head. Also, I know this work is really light but it looks really sharp when I am looking at it in my sketchbook. Perhaps I’ll bump it up to a 2B for the line work. 

Your Turn: Do you have a technique that you use or a way that you approach subtle shading to describe form better? If you are newer to art, what are some things that cause you to struggle with being more subtle?


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