Sanguine Art First attempt

Pencil: Sanguine, HB, and White (Conté á Paris)

It took about 2 hours to hunt down the term (Sanguine Technique) referencing the Trois Crayons method for how to approach drawings. Once I’d hunted down the term and searched around for some good examples. I started looking for process videos. Sadly, there were very few. So I figured, I’d just start by doing some form value studies and see where it led me. I must say, I was surprised at my ability to confidently convey the simple forms compared to attempts to do so in the past. After drawing the 3 forms, I decided I wanted to try and work on a gesture drawing, but it ended up turning into a 10 minute study instead. 

The drawings on the page with multiple figures range between 5 – 10 minutes for the execution. It was crazy feeling to see myself drawing people that resembled actual people. Some of my proportions are still wonky, and I know some of the musculature might be off, but man was this a fun exercise. Moving forward, I will be working at increasing my speed and accuracy in rendering. 



Today’s Warm-ups and exercises:

  1. 2 Hour study: Sanguine Art (Trois Crayons)
  2. 10 minutes: Form study with Sanguine Technique
  3. 1 Hour: Life Drawing with Sanguine Technique



3 thoughts on “Sanguine Art First attempt

  1. Very impressed with your progression. at the rate your going, you will be freaking good after 365 days. Just finished my diploma in Animation after 3 years and you are on your way to beating me already lol. well done:D

    • Sam, Thank you for your very kind words. I can’t wait to see where I’m at when I hit the 365 mark, it all feels so surreal at this point. The funny thing is, I went to a school for animation, but they never actually bothered to teach us these all to critical principles that I am now going back and learning. Would love to see some of your stuff if you’d like to share.

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