New Sketchbook, New Medium



Conté á Paris Sketching pencils: Sanguine, Black (Pierre Noire – 2B)

I got a tan toned Strathmore 8.5 x 11 with 128 pages for the next portion of my artistic journey. I also, decided to try a new medium so I will be using red, black, and white toned pencils from “Conté á Paris” to try out the Trois Crayons look. For today’s session I mainly wanted to see what my typical 30 and 60 second gesture times would look like and if I could conceivably work all three tones into the time frame. It didn’t work out well and I ended up switching to a 2 minute time frame and could only get the red base tone and a black over tone in each sketch. So moving forward, I think I will try to use a 3 minute session where each minute is granted for each subsequent tone. Then on longer timed projects I will feel comfortable working with the pencils and learn how to apply them more confidently. 


Conté á Paris Sketching pencil: Black (Pierre Noire – 2B)


Today’s Warm-Ups and Exercises:

  1. 15 minutes of 30 second gesture poses (
  2. 30 minutes of 60 second gesture poses (
  3. 1 hour on “Trois Crayons” drawing techniques

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