Savoring the Time


I started out today with the goal of doing some gestures and turning one of them into a big piece. Instead, I decided to give a little extra attention to several of them and just let them be. I turned off my timer on most of them and just let an image sit before me and when I felt I’d conveyed the idea or what I wanted to focus on, I moved on. It was quite interesting to note some of my general thoughts as I went about this exercise. Some were rushed while others showed care and concern for the pose and striking elements. I’m nearing the end of this sketch book so tomorrow will be the last post featuring the blue ink. My next sketchbook will be done in a different medium and will have an entirely different look and feel. As I am gaining knowledge about art in general, I feel my walls coming down and I am open to trying different mediums as well as different approaches. Who knows what my future art will be like, but man I can’t wait!


Today’s Warm-ups and Exercises:

  1. 15 minutes of 30 second gesture poses (
  2. Unknown total of mixed time interval gesture pose / life drawing (various sources)

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