2 for 1 Post Part 2


I didn’t get to post yesterday at all, but you can bet your sweet tuchus that I did art both days and here is a double dose of a post to show. I only got gestures done for yesterday, but for today it was an amazing opportunity to study more about the arms. I’m really excited because I only have about 5 pages left in a 192 page sketchbook I got back on February 28. That means I’ve filled a sketchbook in just a little over a month. I’ve never filled a sketchbook, let alone, having filled one in a month. This is craziness. My desire to draw is growing every single day and I’m less afraid to tread new territory with different mediums and unknown subjects.


Today’s Warm-ups and Exercises:

  1. 1 hour study of arm muscles from front and back views, flexed and unflexed (Bridgman’s Complete Guide)
  2. 30 minutes of 30 second and 2 minute gesture poses combined (quickposes.com)

5 thoughts on “2 for 1 Post Part 2

    • Thanks Keith, I do regularly compare my progress. It’s so amazing to see my growth over just 50 days (that’s when I started the gestures). Sometimes I simplify a pose down to the noodle look and others I flesh it out a bit more, but I definitely feel a better connection to doing gestures and achieving a desired look and feel.

      • I know the feeling, can be difficult getting a mid point between abstracted and realistic. But you’ve managed to exxagerate while keeping it anatomically correct – if that makes sense.

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