It’s not done, but this is a concept I’m working on for a project, so I’d love some feed back, I’m thinking of taking it way old school and really playing up the hatching all over. What you see above is just a digital concept, I’m pretty sure I’ll be drawing this one out tomorrow in traditional media. Anyway, today was a peaceful day, lots of work got done and lots of art got done. I started noticing that I am able to look at gestures and retain the pose almost instantly. That was certainly a new experience.

Another new experience happened when one of the guys in our Google plus hangout asked me to draw a person who hadn’t seen the sun in 10 years. I immediately imagined the pose in my head and then transferred it to paper, only I rotated the pose as I drew it, so it came out differently than my original vision. That one was weird but my hand seemed to know how to create the pose based off of all the gestures I’ve done to this point. See the 3 page set below with the person whose chest is thrusting forward, they are in a wide triumphant stance and their face is tilted upward basking in the sun.


Today’s Warm-ups and Exercises:

  1. 15 minutes of 30 second poses (quickposes.com)
  2. 35 minutes of 60 second poses (quickposes.com)
  3. Random gesture suggestion from friends in google plus hangout.

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