Armed and Ready



Spent a lot of time today researching and trying to understand arms better. I think, it’s starting to click. I’m still a bit wonky on some of the muscular attachments and overlaps, but I’m certainly prepared to keep learning more about the arm in all of it’s different positions. I really like the hatching I achieved in certain areas as it gives it that rich quill pen drawing feel. Tomorrow will likely be another deep study on arms but the goal will be to add an original concept piece to the list of objectives utilizing the new knowledge that I am working on.


Today’s Warm-Ups and Exercises:

  1. 2 hour study of arm and musculature in pronated and supinated positions.
  2. 20 minutes of 30 second gesture poses  (
  3. 30 minutes of 2 minute gesture poses (
  4. Artist Study (general) : Brandt Peters

2 thoughts on “Armed and Ready

  1. Love the variation in your lines. Maybe instead of just one piece, do a page of arms drawing from examples, and then do another using a mannequin for poses and overlaying it with what you know?

  2. Yeah, that’s definitely not a bad idea though I do want to start trying to knock out a piece a day. Hopefully you can see that I was applying some of what I had learned to my 3 pages of gesture drawings whereas, I feel, the previous groupings of gestures that I’ve done had noodly formless arms.

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