Arming Myself with Knowledge


In any battle, knowledge is the great equalizer. I am battling my own doubt everyday that I pick up my pen and draw and today I got frustrated when drawing noodle arms or broken looking arms in my gesture warm up. So I did what any smart battle strategist would do, I went and found out how the damn things are put together. There are a lot of freaking muscles in arms and I’m going to have to keep practicing them for a few days just like the eyes. I figure, once I get all the knowledge of the anatomy down, I’ll be much more likely to just be able to whip out some bad ass characters. 


Today’s Warm-ups and Exercises:

  1. 25 minutes of 30 second gesture poses (
  2. 30 minute Study of arm and musculature
  3. 25 minutes of arm poses (

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