Fighting with Style

ImageI’m really trying to work on defining a style do I want to be loosey-goosey or tight and technical? Or would I prefer to have more languid and flowing lines? I’m not sure, but I am liking the looser feeling approach. By throwing my need to copy things exactly to the wind, I am starting to see my art flourish more and more daily. Today’s main piece: The Fighting Irishman from Notre Dame was a no-brainer for me. Being that it was St. Patrick’s day and that it was my favorite team growing up, it just made so much sense. I actually drew this twice, but lost the first version to Sketchbook- Pro on my iPad… I went to save it, and instead it corrupted. So I spent about the last hour whipping this version up. Anyway, Hope you like it and if you haven’t done so yet, please take my survey to help me improve my blog. Thanks in advance!



Today’s Warm-Ups and Exercises

  1. 15 minutes of 30 second gesture poses
  2. 45 minutes of 60 second gesture poses
  3. 2 hour initial concept of irishman on logo (which got eaten by Sketchbook Pro)

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