Facing my Weakness


Faces and facial expressions are something I’ve always had trouble trying to understand to draw. I pretty much always end up drawing way too much detail making the people look like old folks or the opposite gender than intended. I’m trying to learn how to convey just the right amount of information and leave out extraneous details. I suppose this is another part that will become easier as I progress. I start out with a simplified version of the Loomis Method for drawing heads at the correct angle, then I am trying to apply minimal detail to convey the emotions. 

Today’s Warm Ups and Exercises:

  1. 15 minutes of 30 second gesture poses (quickposes.com)
  2. 40 minutes of 60 second gesture poses (quickposes.com)
  3. Study general facial expressions and moods of the face (google mostly)
  4. 20  minutes of  2 minute poses of facial expression drawing via: Artists.Pixelovely



3 thoughts on “Facing my Weakness

  1. The faces look cartoonish but almost all have a unique character to them as opposed to looking generic and same-y. Keep it up. Gestures are strong, I’d like to see you start finishing a few with value, facial features. Maybe we can have a drawing session tonight and work on faces together.

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