Eye See You…


While it may not appear to be much quantitatively for today’s post,  I spent a lot of time working on understanding eyes and figured I’d forego my typical 60 minute warm up. Instead of a warm up today, I spent a couple of hours reading about the structure of eyes, and also reacquainted myself with my crow quill pen. It was an absolute blast getting to the point where drawing eyes clicked and I said, OK. I think I got it, now let’s see if I can draw one from imagination. That’d be the old lady eye at the bottom corer of the page. Each of the 3 eyes at the bottom took about 1/2 an hour each and I really felt accomplished once I sat back and looked at them.

It’s odd, but even after the accomplishment with the eyes, I was a little sad that I hadn’t done my typical warm-up… so I went and drew 30 minutes of 30 second gestures. It was fun.



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