The Eyes Have it.


I’m enjoying experimenting with the acrylic inks and trying to learn how to use them more effectively. Today I ran my normal gamut of practice but then spent about 2 hours watching all kinds of videos about the eye and it’s many facets in drawing. I think tomorrow will yield much more eye drawing but today it was mostly about the study. 

Today there was a minor mishap where a glass of ink that I’d diluted with water decided it didn’t want to stay upright any longer. Thankfully, my desk is black, so adding blue to the finish doesn’t appear to be a big deal. 

I was having trouble trying to figure out how to draw the eye with the pen nibs and still attain a decent level of detail. What I noticed was the more diluted ink spread far faster than I wanted it to and pooled in several places. 

Today’s Warm Ups and Practice:

  1. 30 minutes of 30 second poses 
  2. 30 minutes of 60 second poses

One thought on “The Eyes Have it.

  1. Looking forward to seeing some eyes. What you’ve done so far looks very good. As usual, your speed along the path to becoming a better artist is brisk, baby.

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