Action Packed Day

ImageWow! Today was a whirlwind of art, errands, business, and personal business. 

I’m really glad I spent 3 hours this morning studying action poses and hanging out with artists Cliff Roth, Byron Rempel, Aaron Wood, and Carlos Gomez in a Hangout on Air on Google+, You can see the feed here: if you want to watch us draw and chat about the art industry and art in general. I had been intending to get back to art this evening but it just wasn’t meant to be. No matter, because 3 hours of gesture and imaginative figure drawing definitely satisfies my art a day requirements.

Well aside from that, I didn’t get to do much other art today but I am excited to say that I was able to pick up two brand new Strathmore sketchbooks that I will be working in moving forward. I’m pretty excited since they are way better paper than what I have been working with. 

Anyway, I am excited to say that a good portion of what I’m doing in my more time intensive pieces are all from imagination. I am starting to feel more confident in choosing and attacking dynamic poses and trying to pick more aesthetic silhouettes. I would love any feedback you guys have, so please don’t be bashful.  


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