Figuring it out


Today I watched and read a lot about figure and gesture drawing. I’m still seeking simplicity in my strokes, and representation of the human form, but I’m starting to figure it out. I can see the lines of action pretty quickly now and I am finding a style in my line. I think I will continue to move forward with my practice sessions, but for the moment I believe I’ll be moving on to other topics of focus. I am interested to know if everyone would still be interested in me including my gesture drawings at the bottom of posts, or if I should just keep those in my sketchbook from now on. 


2 thoughts on “Figuring it out

  1. *when :P. Since I’m using up another reply spot, I’ll suggest here as well that I think you could take your gestures and come up with a unique composition that revolves around your work with gestures. For example, you could surround a 3-5 min, large scale gestures with smaller 60 second gestures and around them, smaller 30 second gestures, keeping space between them in mind to create a relationship. Just a thought that could lead to a cool finished piece.

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