May the Force be With You…


What the crap is Force? What the Crap is Gesture drawing? Seriously, these are the questions I’ve been going over almost daily lately. I’m starting to understand that I am still doing waaaaaay too much on my 30 second t and 60 second gestures in terms of quantity of lines. Mind you, I’m becoming more confident at identifying gesture and the emotion in a given pose, but today I learned about dun dun dunnnnn….. FORCE!


Force is the energy causing the motion and driving the outcome of the pose. It’s the pushing and pulling of the muscles that allow for contortion of the body or glorious expansions of the limbs in to fully bursting poses. It’s a pretty interesting concept and between my study today of frigure drawing from Bridgman’s Complete Guide to Drawing From Life, and from Michael Mattesi (muh-tay-zee) and his statement of using force to develop more enriched figure renderings, I really felt another barrier break in my ability to communicate human form on paper.

My question do you today is this: Do you use or think about force when doing figure drawings or do you go straight to conveying muscle groups, anatomy, form, or some other way of approaching drawing? Share your thoughts below.

As Always, Comments and Critique are welcome and encouraged.


One thought on “May the Force be With You…

  1. I feel like I’m subconsciously drawing mannequins rather than people in motion or “about to” be in motion. I’m glad you brought the point up, perhaps if I keep it in mind it will loosen up my gestures and finished poses.

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