Stomping Self Doubt


Hulk Foot: Pen and Sharpie

Today was another one of those days where initially everything I drew seemed like it looked like crap.  Then I put away my sketchbook, and started working on a couple of things around the house, got something to eat, surfed the web, looked for drawing tutorials, looked up pictures of feet and then I came across a video tutorial from Todd McFarlane on how to draw fingers. After thinking about his statement of viewing fingers as peanuts and drawing out a few, I noticed that he had another video on the side about drawing feet. More specifically, it was how to draw The Hulk’s feet, but his principles apply to feet and hands. Use peanut shapes and you too can start drawing more realistic fingers and toes. Now the reason he’s telling you to use the peanuts is because it prevents you from drawing straight fingers and straight toes. You have no further to look than the back of your own hand to see that knuckles bulge out and you fingers are anything but straight lines. Same applies to the toes. Look down at your big toe, that big summa biscuit is just chilling there and forcing all the other toes off to the side and note it’s big knobby head. Well there you go. Anyway, I drew some of the things from his videos and I am damn proud of that Hulk Foot. 😀



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