Kickin it with my Homies.


I spent some time with my friends today with whom I’ve not hung out in a while, but I still did art studying and applied some of it to commit it to memory. Today’s post may be small but the learning was big and it helped a lot. 

I also spent about 3/4 of the day restoring my Mother In-Law’s computer which topped out at about 1000 viral threats and playing IT guy in the house to get the printer working over our wireless network. Yeaaaaaah that was fun xD 

Study list from today: 

Sycra: How to draw the Foot (different than How to draw Feet 1 and How to Draw Feet 2)

Christoper Hart: Drawing Cutting Edge Anatomy

Cartooning–Concepts and Methods Part 1: Figure Drawing Basics


3 thoughts on “Kickin it with my Homies.

    • Thanks truebrite!

      I came across Alphonso’s channel while I was searching around for gesture drawing videos and this was the one I had landed on: It gave me some good insight into what I was supposed to be accomplishing with gesture and while I’m not quite there yet, I definitely feel like I’m understanding the meaning and value of gesture drawing more.

      Also, Yes! You should try feet! In Jamie Noguchi’s video – 3 Steps to Draw More Better – (NSFW Language Warning) he explains in step 2 that we should draw the things that we hate the most. Now, colorful language aside, I feel like it makes a lot of sense. For now we generally hate the things we cannot draw because we don’t understand how to draw them to our satisfaction. However with enough study and practice, they might just become the things we like to draw. Anatomy has always been one of the subjects I hated to draw. So that’s why my blog is focused on anatomy at the moment.

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