Footloose, kick off you Sunday shoes… Footloose… 

errrrrr oh Hai there!

Today, like yesterday was about Daaaaaa Daaaaa Daaaaaa……….. You guessed it: Feet!

At the beginning of the day and even up til about a few hours ago I hated the idea of drawing feet. I was trying to understand the bones, the muscles, the tendons…. you name it. I was trying to study and draw it. Well I was flipping back and forth between some YouTube videos from Jazza and Sycra and things started clicking a bit. By breaking the foot down into forms I already know, and then listening to the subtle things that make a difference between the sides of the feet and the way to draw them from the fronts and back, I was able to start (Finally) relating to how to draw feet. I hate feet…. I loathe feet. Probably psychologically because my mother used to make us peel her stockings off her feet when she got home from a long day of work…. but I digress. The point is, I hate feet, but I am excited about drawing them for the first time ever.          

While I may not have all the positions down or understand how to draw the foot when it’s arched, I certainly made a leap in my understanding of how to construct one with basic forms. (yes the pun was intended.) Anyway, tomorrow I will probably be drawing more feet now that I have some basic understanding of the landmarks and we’ll see if I can stomp my fear of drawing feet into the dust. 

What are you afraid of drawing? What drawing subjects frighten you to the point of not wanting to draw? Share your thoughts below. 

As Always, Comments and Critique are welcome and encouraged. 





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