Footsie Fight!


I have always had trouble when drawing feet. Such to the point that I give up entirely draw a triangle shape and call it a day. Well given that I am involved in the 100 day anatomy challenge, I figured it was a good a time as any to study that which I have fought to understand for so long. While I’m not 100 percent able to draw feet from my imagination yet, today’s practice has definitely given me some things to think about and consider when doing my gestures and eventually to add into final pieces. I have also switched up to drawing in pen for the moment. It will encourage me to use stronger confidence in drawing and it shows up about 8 bajillion (yes I’m using bajillion instead of bazillion) times better. 

My question to you is: Do you struggle to draw feet and hands or any other part of the human anatomy? What is your Achilles heel in terms of drawing? Share your thoughts below. 

Comments and Critiques are Always Welcome and Encouraged.




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