Valentine’s Day Gestures.


Here are some sweet gestures. I am really starting to get comfortable but nowhere near where I’d like to be skill wise with doing these gestures. I imagine it’s something that will come with more practice. 

Today I focused on giving my wife an amazing Valentine’s Day since we haven’t celebrated it for at least 6 years now. Anyway, as promised I will do art every single day with the goal of increasing my ability to do Fantasy and Concept Art. I believe that gesture and figure drawing for me right now are the way to go so I can really start understanding how to draw more believable poses and humans. 




2 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day Gestures.

  1. These are looking good. In the first image, the lines for the gesture in the bottom left are sweet and clean. The proportions and sensation of balance in the figures in the images beneath your post are solid enough that if you wanted to you could push one of these into a fully representational drawing.

    Doing well! Its still very enjoyable to watch you quickly progress. I can only imagine how cool your next card deck design will be.

  2. Wow Keith, I appreciate your constant feedback. It is really helping to get some sort of encouragement on each post and I feel like we’re both working our butts off. I’m so thankful each day that we chat and push each other to learn more about our problem areas in art. At the same time, I’m watching you rapidly progress as well. You may not feel confident yet, but the pieces you’ve been throwing down lately have much more appeal than you may realize. Anyway, the prospect of another deck design looming over my head is a bit scary at the moment, just because it’s such a massive project each time, but I can’t wait for my next deck too 😀

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