Busy, Busy, Busy (but still had time for art!)


Gesture drawings / Concepts for Orianna fan art piece (All imagined)

Today was a mishmash of time. The morning seemed free and open, then the afternoon hit and I found myself saying “I won’t have time for anything.” Luckily my wife and I got to go enjoy an evening wandering and having good conversation. The night seemed to meander on and before we knew it, it was 9pm. Well luckily, I hung out with my cousin very early this morning and we both were steady arting for a couple of hours. Now a lot of people ask what can you get done in just a couple of hours?

Well, how about an intense gesture drawing session and planning for my league of legends piece? I also did an exercise where I could only use 5 lines total to draw 30 second poses. That was tough, but it taught me about economy of line (using minimal lines) in gesture.

All subsequent poses were 60 seconds a piece whereas all of my previous gesture sessions were a minimum of 2 minutes a piece. Now, that may sound like not a lot of time and you’re right, but the point is being able to get gesture in minimal amounts of time without over thinking, or over analyzing your strokes.


30 second and 60 second gesture poses from QuickPoses.com


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