Psycho Bunny Chick

ImageGraphite: HB, 2B (2 hours 20)

I really didn’t want to draw today. I was angry and moody. I was whining and complaining even on Facebook. Luckily a few of my friends stepped in and steered me to go do art anyway. I figured, OK. regardless of what I do, I need to keep practicing gesture. So I go to QuickPoses intent on racking up some time for my certificate over there. I get 7 poses in (2 minutes each) and then bam! This chick pops up. I couldn’t help but get excited and decided to draw it for real. Well, crisis averted. As always, comments and critiques are welcome and encouraged. 

Finally, I remembered my favorite phrase I heard the other day. Another artist was complaining about not wanting to do art. One of the other people in the hang out said “Just Do It!” and we all said (almost simultaneously): Yeah NIKE! Shut up and go do it. 

ImageHere are my other gesture drawings that I did as the warm up today as well (2 minutes each):




2 thoughts on “Psycho Bunny Chick

  1. Bootiful. Your values are good, particularly in the legs, however the head looks less shaded than the rest. The bean in my mind would lean a little bit more dramatically with the pinch on the left side, and the back in the image seems more like a V shape whereas it’s more cylindrical and pinched by the shoulders. I think you picked a good subject, prior to seeing the photograph my wife and I were wondering what the heck was on her head. “Maybe that’s bunny ears?” 🙂

    • Thanks cousin! I realized the more pronounced gesture for the torso after I was about halfway through, but I figured I’d go ahead and finish it, as it was drawn, and then just make notes to myself to consider the gesture a little more carefully. I got a little carried away with the folds on the shirt and lost site of the roundness of the back. Anyway thanks for the feedback. 😀

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