Day 1 — My Cousin Made Me Do It

This is my cousin’s first post on his new 365 day art project that we created for him after we had a co-op art session today. Stop by and show him some love. 😀

365 Days of Questionably Worthwhile Art

I hadn’t spoken to my cousin Lance Miller for about 20 years.  Turns out he’s an accomplished graphic designer and an aspiring fantasy artist.  Today he managed to get me to draw, really draw for the first time in probably over a year.  We used Google Hangout and Pixel Lovely to work together on a figure drawing session which culminated in the 30 minute sketch below.  Lance’s positive attitude toward learning to become a better artist is contagious and he’s inspired me to setup a 365 drawing-a-day project similar to the one he’s created for himself.  I can’t guarantee the art you’ll see on this blog will be worth your time, but hopefully after 365 days of consistent drawing I’ll notice some growth which will snowball into motivation to continue striving to improve.  Comments and criticism are welcome, as are ideas for things to draw for this project.


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