Back to School


Today was pretty awesome. I found out there was an online site that will run you through classroom scenarios for figure drawing up to, and including, giving you a break after several shorter studies to go get water or go pee, etc. 

Anyway, I went through the one-hour program and this was the result. I am quite happy with the progress that I am making between my 100 day anatomy challenge and my 365 day art challenge in general. I’m also getting good feedback and critique from the folks over at in the hangouts so that helps a bunch as well. As I progress, I believe I will be able to start shaping these poses into Fantasy or Sci-Fi characters thus staying true to the core purpose of this blog. I’m quite excited.


2 thoughts on “Back to School

    • Hey Phantasmluminous, no problem. I try to include as many links as I can along the way. Also any time you want to post a pic response if you do one of the same type of pieces I do, I’d love to see it.

      Thanks for the well wishes. I am really excited to be feeling like I’m already zooming toward that finish line. About 2 months in now and it seems to just be intuitive to be doing daily art at this point.

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