This Post is Brought to you by the Letters “C” and “S”


In preparation for a 100 day anatomy study challenge I’m going to be taking part in on, I decided I needed to brush up on my ability to do gesture drawings. Honestly I was shocked that none of my art teachers going all the way back to highschool even mentioned any of these principles when telling us to do gesture drawings. They’d literally stick us at easels and have nude models in front of us and give us different time breakdowns from which to work. However, they never told us how to draw gesture drawings. This may strike some people as odd, but the most a teacher ever said to me regarding gestures and figure drawing, was “get your whole arm into the drawing”.

Today’s post is just a grouping of notes related to my study from Michael Hampton’s Slideshare which was recommended by our challenge administrator for the 100 day anatomy challenge. My question to you guys is this, do you use gesture drawings when beginning a piece that contains characters, or do you use contour, or perhaps jump straight to values? Leave me your thoughts in the comments.





10 second poses from


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