Attack of the Killer Virus


Work in Progress – Graphite: 2H and non-photo blue

Hello everyone! Today was a seriously busy day. The cool thing is I had plenty of time to come up with this concept and it was fueled by today’s activities. At about noon, I took my computers offline and connected my wife’s cousin’s PC to begin troubleshooting a virus they had. Well lucky me, they had just about the worst virus possible. This thing locked me out of every system critical function you could imagine. Thankfully my brother in-law and Linux came to the rescue. Sadly my computers are still offline as we are running a Massive scan on this box and it’s still not done finding corrupted files. (358 as of last count)

anyway, to that end, I sat down and started creating a personification of this virus and began working out perspective and from there went onto adding details. Now it may not look like much at the moment, but please realize I’ve drawn this twice: I once in non-photo blue pencil and again in a 2H. It’s still pretty light, but I’ll be going back to darken it more. I wanted to make sure I got something up for today’s post, but I am by no means finished with this piece.

have you ever had a virus that was so bad that you named it or drew it? Tell me about it below.


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