Action Packed Day

ImageWow! Today was a whirlwind of art, errands, business, and personal business. 

I’m really glad I spent 3 hours this morning studying action poses and hanging out with artists Cliff Roth, Byron Rempel, Aaron Wood, and Carlos Gomez in a Hangout on Air on Google+, You can see the feed here: if you want to watch us draw and chat about the art industry and art in general. I had been intending to get back to art this evening but it just wasn’t meant to be. No matter, because 3 hours of gesture and imaginative figure drawing definitely satisfies my art a day requirements.

Well aside from that, I didn’t get to do much other art today but I am excited to say that I was able to pick up two brand new Strathmore sketchbooks that I will be working in moving forward. I’m pretty excited since they are way better paper than what I have been working with. 

Anyway, I am excited to say that a good portion of what I’m doing in my more time intensive pieces are all from imagination. I am starting to feel more confident in choosing and attacking dynamic poses and trying to pick more aesthetic silhouettes. I would love any feedback you guys have, so please don’t be bashful.  


Pick a Card!


Growing up, Gambit was always one of my favorite characters in comics and in the X-Men cartoons. Maybe it was because he was a master at card cheating, but I’d like to think it has to do more with the way he was always chivalrous and was a hero to those in need. Either way, since I’ve been learning to do more dynamic poses in my gestures, I figured I’d try it out on a classic. I’d love to know what you guys think about it or if you have any critiques and feedback. 
This is my own pose concept and original art. I used classic Marvel versions of Gambit for general costuming reference. 

Here are the warm ups from today: 


Trying to Cause a Scene


Now that I’m more adequately portraying gestures, I figured it was time to give it a go and use some imagination to create a dynamic action pose character scene. For some reason the only thing that was on my mind was Warhammer. I’ve always loved how their battles feel so epic and action packed. Well I may not have been able to create an ideal scene, but I definitely feel like I’m getting closer to working out concepts for characters via gesture and small thumbnails of poses. I badly messed up the placement of his hands on the hammer, and made his arms look really weird in the process. I also wasn’t sure of how to approach drawing the pauldrons or if such a pose was even possible due to their sheer size and the way they cover the shoulders.


Warm up from the day:


Figuring it out


Today I watched and read a lot about figure and gesture drawing. I’m still seeking simplicity in my strokes, and representation of the human form, but I’m starting to figure it out. I can see the lines of action pretty quickly now and I am finding a style in my line. I think I will continue to move forward with my practice sessions, but for the moment I believe I’ll be moving on to other topics of focus. I am interested to know if everyone would still be interested in me including my gesture drawings at the bottom of posts, or if I should just keep those in my sketchbook from now on. 

May the Force be With You…


What the crap is Force? What the Crap is Gesture drawing? Seriously, these are the questions I’ve been going over almost daily lately. I’m starting to understand that I am still doing waaaaaay too much on my 30 second t and 60 second gestures in terms of quantity of lines. Mind you, I’m becoming more confident at identifying gesture and the emotion in a given pose, but today I learned about dun dun dunnnnn….. FORCE!


Force is the energy causing the motion and driving the outcome of the pose. It’s the pushing and pulling of the muscles that allow for contortion of the body or glorious expansions of the limbs in to fully bursting poses. It’s a pretty interesting concept and between my study today of frigure drawing from Bridgman’s Complete Guide to Drawing From Life, and from Michael Mattesi (muh-tay-zee) and his statement of using force to develop more enriched figure renderings, I really felt another barrier break in my ability to communicate human form on paper.

My question do you today is this: Do you use or think about force when doing figure drawings or do you go straight to conveying muscle groups, anatomy, form, or some other way of approaching drawing? Share your thoughts below.

As Always, Comments and Critique are welcome and encouraged.

Not Really Foot Porn


Today was pretty interesting. I started a co-op Hangout with Cousin Keith and another artist on Google+ Hangouts which broadcasts to my YouTube channel. Moving forward, we will be trying to meet regularly to do warm ups and provide critique and encouragement to keep trudging forward with art. 

Also, during the session, without even realizing it, I cranked out over 100 gestures! See below. My previous record was 72, so I’m pretty excited about hitting the 100 a day mark. On top of that, released a Hands & Feet as well as Faces and Expressions tool set. Well, since I’ve been practicing feet for the last few days, I had to see if I could hang with the drawing set. I did one of the 30 minute trainer sessions and tried to apply most of what I’ve been learning about gestures and feet all at the same time. Most are 30 seconds except for the more detailed ones. Those are about 5 – 10 minutes. 

ImageFinal thoughts: If you are a visitor, please feel free to comment and critique. If you are an artist, please consider joining us in the Hangout session (message me for details). 

ImageP.S. I figured out what happened to Photoshop yesterday… that won’t ever happen again 😀

A Gesture a day will Keep the bad Habits Away?


Without being able to do much today, I sat down and cranked out some gestures. I had an idea for a really cool pose that I drew out first in gesture thinking of all the dancers I’d been drawing lately. Then for some silly reason I decided I wanted to see what it looked like as a silhouette. So I filled it all in with black ink. What’s nice about it is, that I see where I made her tummy too big and her back side too round and it turned into a bit of a plus-sized figure. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but that was not the intended clean line look I was going for. However, what I dislike about it is that I now cannot fix this pose unless I redraw it. Well, I’m learning to be more critical of my proportions and spacing that I allow for gestures on my pages of my sketchbook, and I think that’s all that matters for the moment. 

Mind you, I have no idea why photoshop decided to pixelate the crap out of these images, when I used  the exact same file and settings from yesterday. Anyway, I’m looking forward to tomorrow, I will be hanging out with my cousin and having a drawing jam session. We’ll be working on more gestures and then trying to recreate some of our favorite characters after a decent warm up. 


Breaking my Back.

For the past few days I’ve been exclusively studying feet in an effort to understand them better. So today, I set out to do gesture drawings and kept coming across poses I didn’t know how to communicate because I didn’t understand the muscles of the back of the torso. So I spent some time researching the posterior torso muscles and then did a few more gestures. I also drew a couple of feet to see if I could draw them from memory. 


Stomping Self Doubt


Hulk Foot: Pen and Sharpie

Today was another one of those days where initially everything I drew seemed like it looked like crap.  Then I put away my sketchbook, and started working on a couple of things around the house, got something to eat, surfed the web, looked for drawing tutorials, looked up pictures of feet and then I came across a video tutorial from Todd McFarlane on how to draw fingers. After thinking about his statement of viewing fingers as peanuts and drawing out a few, I noticed that he had another video on the side about drawing feet. More specifically, it was how to draw The Hulk’s feet, but his principles apply to feet and hands. Use peanut shapes and you too can start drawing more realistic fingers and toes. Now the reason he’s telling you to use the peanuts is because it prevents you from drawing straight fingers and straight toes. You have no further to look than the back of your own hand to see that knuckles bulge out and you fingers are anything but straight lines. Same applies to the toes. Look down at your big toe, that big summa biscuit is just chilling there and forcing all the other toes off to the side and note it’s big knobby head. Well there you go. Anyway, I drew some of the things from his videos and I am damn proud of that Hulk Foot. 😀


Kickin it with my Homies.


I spent some time with my friends today with whom I’ve not hung out in a while, but I still did art studying and applied some of it to commit it to memory. Today’s post may be small but the learning was big and it helped a lot. 

I also spent about 3/4 of the day restoring my Mother In-Law’s computer which topped out at about 1000 viral threats and playing IT guy in the house to get the printer working over our wireless network. Yeaaaaaah that was fun xD 

Study list from today: 

Sycra: How to draw the Foot (different than How to draw Feet 1 and How to Draw Feet 2)

Christoper Hart: Drawing Cutting Edge Anatomy

Cartooning–Concepts and Methods Part 1: Figure Drawing Basics