Dog Tired



I have to be honest and say that my current process of staying up late and not going to sleep until the wee hours of the morning is catching up. My daily art and studies aren’t getting the attention they deserve and something needs to change. That said, I present you with today’s piece, our two dogs, Peppie and Jack. Peppie is the fuzzy little poodle in the back, and Jack is the rat terrier in the front. They are around 12 or 13 years old and enjoy their naps but still have a lot of energy in general. I was able to catch them napping, and grabbed my iPad to do some form sketching. I ended up shading them instead.

The important thing to note here was my mindset. I was very careful to consider the fact that their harnesses are red and try to figure out how to convey that through grey tones. I was also mindful of the lighting in the room and the space they both shared and the negative space around them. I rendered Peppie with only circular strokes while I rendered Jack with only straight or angled strokes. This is very contrary to how I would have approached drawing them in the past and that means I’m on the right track. 


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