Doodle all the Day


Doodle: Graphite 2H, HB, 2B Blending stump

A thought occurred to me earlier as I was having a discussion with my cousin about art and the amount of artists we know with talent who loathe art because they’ve lost touch with what was fun about art in the first place. The thought that struck me was this, I had the most fun in life when I could sit in class and doodle and be carefree. I remember some of those days very keenly and I always remember slinking back in my chair and tuning the teacher out and creating some random scene or bits of scenes on the sides of my exam or some other papers. I thought for today instead of an intense study, that I would simple allow myself to doodle and see what came out. I only had one rule for myself and that’s since I’m practice values and form that I had to lay down a block of value and then see what I could make with it. Everything else didn’t matter. correct lighting, perspective, composition, anatomy… all got chucked out the window. Just me and my imagination and some fairly odd music. Anyway, below are my results.

Take a day, give yourself permission and just doodle or smear paint about on a canvas. Have a bloody good time without any rules about your art. Share it below. I’m dying to see what you come up with.


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