Get a Move On!



Digital : Photoshop, Wacom Tablet

I’ve been spending some time studying a cartooning book and looking into starting scenes with action lines. This concept has always seemed slightly foreign to me because it is really difficult for me to remove mass from something and then come back in and add it to build it up. This exercise was to take a photo and dissect it to see the action lines at work and see how the composition comes into play. In honor of the massive snow belts that have been hitting our area and the fact that I just entirely wrecked my wife in a snowball fight, I chose the picture below. This is actually a really neat scene that I studied as there is so much simultaneous action. However, I’m not entirely sure that as a silhouette this is viable. Also, I feel like my action lines are too rigid. Do you draw with action lines or do you go straight to mass and volume? Share your thoughts below. 



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