Scumbling Around in the Darkness

ImageGraphite: Mostly HB added 2B on some at the bottom

Scumbling is an actual term used for shading. I’d never heard of it until today. It is essentially using continual figure 8’s to feel out the shape of a form. Well I decided to give it a go and see what kinds of shading I could come up with. It was a very busy day for me and I only had about 3 hours total to divvy up between my research and practice. I opted to spend most of my time researching and learning about how to create more convincing forms. Scumbling was one of the techniques discussed, as was hatching and cross hatching. Soon after hatching my first sphere I realized I had no clue where to actually start with hatching and how to effectively build it up as I went. These are my attempts from today to understand hatching and scumbling. The other two at the bottom are from a process that was referred to as rendering where you lay tone down and then “sculpt the form” by erasing and adding graphite as necessary.

 I found this article very interesting and took a lot of what they have to say to heart. I will be thinking around form as much as I can moving forward.


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