City of Forms

ImageThis is a form rendering using HB, 2B, 4B and was initially sketched out using non-photo blue. 

I am still working my way through practicing with forms. Today, I took stuff from all over the house and created a setup lit by an overhead light and a Floor lamp as a secondary light. I noticed that my composition of forms resembled some sort of city and thought I’d play that up. Since I’m only supposed to be doing form drawings and studies for the moment, I kept most of the forms in their native state, but I couldn’t help changing up some of the stuff to aide the city feel. 


4 thoughts on “City of Forms

  1. It’s good that you want to creatively change the setting, but I suggest you do not…By putting those extra things in, you will affect how you see the form. Try buying some styrofoam cubes, rectangles, triangles and spheres, it is a good investment/ or stuff in your house with a really basic shape.
    I see very little core shadows, might be the lighting. Try turning off all your lights, and have a spotlight in the setting.
    Are you drawing with your wrist or arm? By using your arm you get a wider range of fludity and motion.
    I can see there is effort in understanding the shadows. Perspective is a bit wonky though.\
    Keep this up, and don’t give up. It might be boring but try doing alot of these, they really help

    • Thanks for your feedback Sam, there was a lot of overhead lighting because I was trying simulate a wide open lighting environment. Not really sure that was a smart idea since there weren’t any dynamic shadows. Not sure what through me off on the perspective, but I did notice it toward the end. It’s not boring thankfully since I do enough other art things in general. However, if you read my about section, you’ll find that I’m lacking the basics so that’s what I’m excited to be working on. 😀

      Again thanks for the feedback and I hope you stick around for the journey and continue to offer feedback.

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