What Do I Want To Draw Today (WDIWTDT)

Image ImageImageImage

I think I might be coining this acronym for myself. It was pretty awesome today. After 38 Days (today makes 39) straight in a row of doing art and art study, I woke up and asked myself the question: What do I want to Draw Today? It was an important realization that I have that kind of freedom to ask that question. While I may not yet be perfect at drawing what I want to draw, I have the opportunity to decide what I do want to draw and how I will approach it. 

Anyway, WDIWTDT (pronounced WiddyWidt) got turned into an exercise. I sat down and thought up things that I wanted to draw in one form or another and then executed sketches aimed at satisfying the answers. The things I thought of were:

  1. A Sci-fy / Fantasy mushroom village
  2. Space Ship (ultra futuristic) 
  3. Civilization on the side of a cliffwall (pseudo- Egyptian ~ futuristic
  4. Futuristic Gadget Concept

I then grabbed my sketchbook and began thinking what each of these would look like but I did something I’ve never done before. I thought first about form and perspective on each one. It was a pretty cool feeling. While these may not be the best ideas or sketches, the importance here was my thought process. I can draw whatever I want to draw, if I think in terms of form and perspective and consider light and shadow. All of these sketches were done without the aid of any rulers or straight edges. I worked quickly to get the concepts out and didn’t worry much about shading or detail. I believe I will flesh out each of these pieces at some point but for now. I’m just excited to be drawing free and from my mind. 

P.S. The gadget concept is some  sort of thermal imager. Heat lamps strike a clear disc as it spins and the charged ions lift upward to create the images. 



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