Apples to Apples

ImageGraphite: (HB, 2B, 4B)

So today I was just continuing my study in book 2 of The Complete Famous Artist Course. In preparation of the first assignment it says to sit down and gather basic items and practice drawing only in form and to negate most of the details. So I grabbed a bowl / plate and some apples and sat down and started drawing them while keeping only form in mind. It was hard not to stray and start putting in details I really wanted to do the little spots and all the things that are so obvious to apples. However, I fought through the urges and stayed true to the task at hand. I know it’s not much at the moment, but I’m sure as I practice, more interesting art will be produced that more closely resembles the point of this blog which is Fantasy Art and Concept Art. 

What do you guys think of my progression thus far? Any hints or advice? Should I keep going with The Complete Famous Artist Course or should I look into other books and topics? Share your thoughts below. 


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