Put the lotion in the Basket!


I couldn’t think of anything other than that catchy line from “Silence of the Lambs” the whole time I was working on this piece. Anyhow, down to business… This was done with a 404 pen nib from Hunt and I was supposed to use the other nib sizes but somehow I just kept inking and forgot about the other nibs. Also good to note, I used printer paper for this and I will not be doing that again in the future; I was scraping up paper the entire time without even pressing that hard. 

I had some difficulties with the direction of the lines on the gas can since it was the first thing I started inking. The lines on the side of the can should be going in perspective but I was just figuring out how to hold the pen so that it wouldn’t smear all the ink at once. I did have quite a bit of a fun and free feeling whilst working on this because I just felt like placing a mark and I did it. Only one accident happened, you can see the smear going across the top over the stem from the pumpkin… well I was using a tiny edge to prop my drawing board against and it slipped while I was inking. Other than that, it was just fun. 

Below you can see the plate from the course that I was to work from. Again, they (the course writers) wanted us to draw directly on their plate but I decided to draw it out and was using form to create the shapes of everything prior to inking. 

ImageAssignment 1B ~ Plate 2 


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