Much Ink… So Line!

So today I got to play and try out all kinds of pen nibs and different styles of handling pen holders to create a variety of effects. Little did I know that I’d find a pen that behaves exactly like a pen I created in my Adobe Illustrator brush profile. I’m officially in love with the #100 flexible pen nib from Hunt. I will probably be picking up the 101 and 104 on subsequent trips to an art store that I found here in Cincinnati.

Other than the inks, I tried the black inks from Windsor Newton (Black Indian Ink) and from Daler Rowney the acrylic Artists Ink. I think for the moment, my favorite is the Windsor Newton, but I can see where both have their uses. Finally, I got some whit Plaka but I didn’t give it a go just yet. In the coming days I’ll be posting Ink and Brush pieces using these materials.

Do you use pen nibs? Any tips, hints, or suggestions? What about for brush and ink? 


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