Branching Out

Image1st assignment in: The Complete Famous Artist Course. Graphite: HB, 2B, 4B, 6B

Continuing with my study in The Complete Famous Artist Course, this is the first actual assignment in the book. We are given a blank template to draw on top of, but I chose to actually draw mine out. Then the goal is to use a HB, 2B, 4B to match what they show as the final piece. Unlike the previous drawing, no steps are given. you just have to try to figure it out based on the previous teaching and guidance on how to use the materials.

General concerns on this piece: (1) My extra shading with the 6B ended up sticking out like a sore thumb when scanned, though it looks fine when I look at it on my drawing board. In the future I should probably use the blending stump for that. (2) The ground elements were difficult and I feel the grass particularly feels a bit rigid and pattern like in my version. Below is the exact two pages from the book that I was given to try to complete the exercise.


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4 thoughts on “Branching Out

    • Thanks nim, sadly, it was not my choice in lighting. It was the book that set the lighting situation and I simply had to try to recreate it using what I’d learned about different grades of pencil. i.e. hard lead vs soft lead

  1. Awesome study! Great contrast in shape and value. If you keep doing these and keep applying them in your imaginary work, you’re gonna improve so fast! Also it’s a great that you analyze your work here on the blog, cause at one point learning will become remembering.

  2. Thanks Kidane! I have been applying these ideas to some of my imaginative work and I must say I am noticing a vast difference in my confidence in rendering with values. Also, I can’t wait until that day comes that I get to look back on 365 days of progress and just scroll through each of my posts to see the visual growth.

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