The Value of Study


This rendering was done with HB, 2B, and 4B pencils with the help of a blending stump and a kneaded eraser. 

Studies are meant to challenge you, while I’m not sure I quite have the fundamentals of form completely within my grasp just yet, I do feel that I was able to confidently render this study of a sculpture by Joël Urruty. This was about a 3hr and 15 minute endeavor and the goal was just to begin trying to understand form and shadow and bounced lighting. It was fun, I stayed in the Hangout while working on the graphite rendering and it really helped me to stay focused even though I was chatting away. 

Also today, after reading the first part of chapter 1 of The Complete Famous Artists Course, I created a digital morgue file to collect and file resources to use as reference in future artistic endeavors. It’s a pretty in depth categorized system that covers everything from people, to transportation, to animals, and even regional and time specific costuming. It also covers travel and industry. Are there any other topics or categories you think I should add to my digital morgue file? 


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